Flightscope 3D Radar Doppler

Flightscope is the world leader in 3D Radar Doppler technology!
First some interesting history on the company. Flightscope is a subsidiary of EDH Systems of South Africa, a global defense manufacturer that sells missile tracking devices. EDH was founded in 1989 by Henri Johnson, a South African engineer, and remains prominent in the defense industry today, supplying radar systems to more than 20 countries around the world. Flightscope invented the first 3-D radar doppler ball tracking system and was the first to apply such technology to the golf industry for applications in club fitting and ball flight analysis. Transitioning their product line to golf was a natural. How hard can it be to track a golf ball over 300 yards when your primary product line tracks a launched missile over 30 miles!

With years of experience in Doppler radar and phased array tracking technology, EDH continues to expand on opportunities to provide its technology for applications across a variety of sports. FlightScope has developed tracking products for cricket, bowling, tennis, and of course, golf. Any sport where a spinning ball is the focus of activity! FlightScope is in use by top golf instructors, club fitters and original equipment manufacturers around the globe, and is strategically located in Orlando, Florida, a key location for much of the golf industry.

How does the 3D Doppler Tracking Golf Radar work?
Flightscope is designed to track the complete flight of a golf ball from the point of initial impact to where it finally lands on the ground. But this radar is not the kind your local police officer uses to give you a speeding ticket. Its far more sophisticated. Its a three-dimensional Doppler radar system designed to track the golf ball as it moves forward, sideways, up and down. Using microwave technology, it sends out 120,000 impulse waves per second in a “phased array” to track the golf ball’s x-y-z coordinates and spin rates as it flies through the air. The golf ball literally interferes with these signals, and bounces the them back to the Flightscope unit. The Flightscope unit then uses “Doppler Shift” mathematics (to learn more click here.) to measure exactly how the golf ball’s x-y-z coordinates are changing each millisecond as it moves through an entire six-to-seven seconds of ball flight.

Obtain Accurate Launch Metrics with our Flightscope 3-D Radar Doppler!
Did you know that by following just five key variables, FlightScope’s 3D Doppler radar tracking device can determine the exact flight of a golf ball to within a yard!

The five key variables are:

  • Ball speed
  • Both vertical and horizontal launch angles
  • Spin rate
  • Spin axis

Flightscope’s 3D motion tracking devices are not just about ball flight tracking; they also measure key club strike metrics that are responsible for originating the ball flight:

  • Club head speed
  • Club head path
  • Face angle (relative to either target or club path)
  • Vertical angle of attack
  • Horizontal and vertical swing plane