Sam Snead

Slammin’ Sammy!
  • Sam Snead had 84 PGA Tour wins during his career. He was known for his syrupy swing, his tremendous athletic ability (he could kick an 8-foot ceiling with his feet), and off-color jokes that were indiscriminately told in polite company. I will just focus on his swing.
  • There are three aspects of his swing that stand out in the above video collection. First is the aggressive movement of his left knee and thigh throughout the backswing and into the downswing. Ths sets the body up for tremendous rotational (torquing) power throughout the swing. The second is the dowward compression of his left-side as he moves to the top of his backswing. Snead is a poster-child for maintaining the spine angle throughout the swing. Finally, he loads the right arm as well as anyone. It is easy to see how he could "beat down" on the ball with his right side through impact.
  • Watch Snead’s right foot at his finish. Just like Hogan’s. I wonder why? They played a lot together. Just like Hogan, most of the time it comes up to 45* and stops. This is an important key to both of them to sustain their rotational torque and balance into the finish.
  • There are a few shots from behind of Snead’s right arm position at the top of the swing. Man does he have some guns!! He uses these muscles to apply maximum downward torque toward the ball. His upper right arm is in stays in proper alignment with the shoulder-line, and never gets behind him. From the top of the swing, the right shoulder blade and upper lats control the downward action and fire down on the ball through impact.