Biomechanics Library

Below is a collection of seminal articles from the field of biomechanics that study motion related to the golf swing.
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Coleman, S., & Rankin, A., A Three-dimensional Examination to the Planar Nature of the Golf Swing, Journal of Sports Science, (2005). download

Kwon, Como, et al., Assessment of Planarity of the Golf Swing Based on Functional Swing Plane of the Clubhead and Motion Planes of the Body Points, Sports Biomechanics, (2012). download

Muira, K., Parametric Acceleration – the Effect of Inward Pull on the Golf Club at Impact Stage, Sports Engineering (2001). download

Neal, J.R., & Wilson, B.D., 3-D Kinematics and Kinetics of the Golf Swing, International Journal of Sports Biomechanics, (1985).download

Nesbit, S.M., A Three-dimensional Kinematic and Kinetic Model of the Golf Swing, Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, (2005).

Sprigings, E.J., & Neal, R.J., An Insight into the Importance of Wrist Torque in Driving the Golf Ball, Journal of Applied Biomechanics, (2000)

Sprigings, E.J., & MacKenzie, S.J., Examining the Delayed release in the Golf Swing Using Computer Simulation, Sports Engineering, (2002).