Instruction Vault

Welcome to the Wadden Golf Academy Instruction Vault!

Watch hours of uniquely presented intruction tips your won’t find elsewhere. Inside the Instruction Vault, you’ll benefit from our exhaustive studies of the biomechanics of the golf swing and over forty years experience of evaluating golf instruction. The videos are segmented into bite-size clips and are logically organized along the lines of our recommended teaching sequence. This provides viewers with the ability to digest this valuable instruction on their own timetable. You can also go back and easily identify specific items for quick review.

On your first tour through the full-swing instructional videos, we recommend they be watched in sequential order. This can be done by tabbing down through along the horizontal menu bar to the left. After that, feel free to randomly browse the rest of videos. If your interested in putting, or our session on the importance of a balanced finish, just click on the tab and head right there.

If you’re considering taking lessons with me, let The Vault serve as an audition of my intructional abilities and methods. Please take a look at before and after videos of my students. Many of the improvements that you see have occurred in time frames as short as one-to-two weeks. I strive to provide visual demonstrations of my teaching success to back up the claim under my website banner that Good Instruction Works Right Away.

The vault will be open to the public through much of the remainder of the 2012 season. I will then consider charging a nominal sum each month for access and at that point will commit to adding new and interesting content each week. Students of the Wadden Golf Academy recieve complimentary access to the Vault!