The “Discus Throw”

Watch this discus throw champion unwind his body prior to the release of the discuss. In order to get his front right side moving through to the release, he uses the opposite left and rear side of his body as a “force couple” to create maximum rotational torque of this body. 


Notice Hogan and Tiger below. They actively connect their upper left scapulas and left glutes to the heel portion of their lower right foot. As they do this, the right arm slings upward and the back of the right wrist remains flat. Isn’t it remarkable how similar their two releases are up through the finish?

Also notice how their right foot stays angled at near 50-60 degrees. This is necessary to most effectively “connect” the rear portion of the body. If the right foot were to “flop” over past 90 degrees, the left side would have far greater dificulty connecting with a lower right heel that was running away from it.